29th Sep 2017 04:35pm
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dhIMG Instagram

Instagram once again changed the way it operated and pretty much left v1.1 unusable, so I pretty much have rewritten the program and from the few accounts I've tried it on, it does seem to now be working - that's working with images AND videos. As with before, if any problems appear with the program, then please contact me via the contact form or via Twitter (@dalehay). Thank you for your patience and I hope you enjoy.

Changes in v1.2

» Fixed program due to changes on Instagram


You can download the latest version from:

For instructions on how to use this program, please check its initial release post here.


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15th Apr 2018 19:16

hello mr dalehay, is this app gonna get updated? i think update about the carousel post thing broke this

By a user


24th Apr 2018 22:00

the instagram downloader isnt working anymore

By sam


30th Apr 2018 11:59

Dear Sir its Not Working i think instagram update security setting so plz u can also update it.....

By jorgemoon


30th Apr 2018 14:27

Dear Sir its Not Working i think instagram update security setting so plz u can also update it.....

By jorgemoon


4th Jul 2018 15:44

I love your posts about this topic. Here is something I found that also works really well: dltumblr.com. I hope its useful to you as well.

By Ella Castro


24th Aug 2018 20:18

update new version & fix app

By genji


9th Dec 2018 20:06

If you read Mr. Hay's blog, you may note that he has much more important things going on in his life right now. So we'll cut him slack about his program.

By Phil


6th Apr 2019 12:23

not working

By tablo27


30th Jul 2019 07:39

cannot use. not working. i like dhimg more than downalbum in chrome

By thiemfah


9th Aug 2019 17:31

i can not download pic

By kunmna


29th Oct 2019 12:29

dalehay need upadate :)

By im the BOSS


5th Jan 2020 01:00

Hello dalehay

Happy New Year
I have a problem...
I can not download images...
Help me please

By Imanol


10th Oct 2021 11:01


By Dausan


5th Nov 2021 07:20

please recontinue this program :(

By GG_gaming


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