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dhIMG Tumblr

dhIMG Tumblr is a free program that works on pretty much any computer running Microsoft Windows and allows you to download the images from a Tumblr page easily. This tool can be extremely handy if you are wanting to backup your Tumblr profile and don't wish to save every image manually.


- Small program size
- Standalone application (no need to install)
- Quick downloading of Tumblr images
- Always the highest quality picture downloaded
- Set where your downloads goto

What's New in 1.2?

- Downloading of photosets now works
- Dialog boxes appear to allow you to cancel an image if the program hangs


Upon downloading dhIMG Tumblr, you will need to extract the ZIP file (right-click and goto "Extract All"), then you can double-click the program ("dhIMG tumblr.exe") and launch it.

In Step 1, you will need to enter the name of the tumblr blog you're wanting to save the images from. Only use the name and nothing else!
dhIMG tumblr

Once you've got the tumblr page name and entered it into the name box, choose the maximum amount of images you want downloading and then click on the "Find Images..." button. This will take only a few moments and will find the images and prompt you that it has found the images once it's complete.

Now you will need to move onto Step 2, which is where you must specify where you want the images to be saved to - which you can do by clicking the "Save to..." button and selecting a folder. (Make sure there's not a trailing slash in that field)

Once that information is all in and sorted, then you can hit "RUN!" and sit back whilst the program does its magic. You will be prompted once again when all the images have been downloaded.

Current Version

The latest version of dhIMG Tumblr is version 1.2, which was released on 3rd June 2016.


- Quick downloading of Tumblr images
- Always highest quality picture available downloaded
- Set where your downloads go to


- Update
- Update
- Initial Release


dhIMG Tumblr: [Download Now]

Please use the URL: http://dalehay.me/download/dhimg_tumblr/ if you're directly linking. This is so I can keep a count on the downloads. Thank you.

Spread The Word

As an avvid "free" programmer, this software is offered free - yes, that's 100% free (no hidden charges, no installation toolbars, no diallers, no spyware and no in-program adverts), though all I ask from you is that you tell others about dhIMG Tumblr. Also if you wish to mention it on your website or blog, then that would be amazing! Contact me and I will happily linkback to your review (be it a good or bad review).

To link to the program, please either use this current comment pages' URL

Or use the quicker URL of

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12th Jul 2016 08:34


Great program! Sometimes it manages to handle galleries which TumblTwo/TumblThree fails to grab.

I wonder if it could handle just ordinary images in post, or Q&A and multiple-images posts as well?

I'm experiencing problems on step 1: if selected max images number is high enough (1000+), the program keep asking to select the number unless the lower number is chosen: http://imgur.com/xz6WX5O

By Anonymous


15th Jul 2016 03:23

Hey Anon,

Ordinary and also multiple-imaged posts it gets the pictures (unless, since releasing this, Tumblr has changed the way it works)

As for the max images problem - whoops, that'd be down to my daft programming. I'll get that sorted out. :)

Thank you for letting me know. :)

By Dale Hay


13th Aug 2016 11:00

Hallo Dale,

Appreciate this great no-fuss app.

Many thanks,

By Rizqi Hiktaka


23rd Oct 2016 09:01

Why the 1000 image limit? now to get older images il have to look through the blog myself, why not make it possible to get all the images?

By Jelle Bouma


27th Jan 2017 05:06

Hey. Doubt you'll reply, used the Twitter application and had no issues, but with this one... it seems to skip a certain type of post? Image-posts're fine, photo-sets are fine, but a specific post that I think was... considered a normal post with images embed wasn't included. Not sure what type of post it was but, either way, all the images within that post were ignored. Any potential fix/update for this, or is it intended?

By Steven


20th Mar 2017 14:01

doufam že se stím naučím pracovat

By Jaroslav


9th May 2017 11:23

can't download NSFW image.

By bobo


16th Oct 2017 12:56

Thanks for sharing this wonderful compact program! It works where the others fell completely flat.

In fact, it works *so* effectively that it found far more pictures than I expected, and more than 8x the Max Images limit of 3200!

It acts as if a Max Images of 3200 = "All", as it obligingly downloads all images. Could that be clarified in version 1.3? :)

I find that the program creates a subfolder with the Tumblr username, even if I point it to a folder with that name which I had already created.

There are many usernames which seem to trip the program; it asks me if I spelled them correctly. Did the recent "safe" policy changes break the programs means of access? It doesn't seem to make any difference whether I'm logged in or not.

I also experienced the same issue Anon reported with an initial Max Files quantity over 1000.



17th Nov 2017 05:03

This program isn't downloading the highest possible resolution images. It's been discovered that if you change the ending of a Tumblr pic from _1280 to _raw and alter the opening from ##.media.tumblr to data.tumblr, you can get an image uploaded in its original/raw format, the equivalent of :orig on Twitter. Would it please be possible to adjust the program to get the _raw files?

By anon


24th Nov 2017 23:43

Along with the desire for the program to get the largest/highest quality versions (.raw) of the images available, there's also the issue of it not downloading inline images. Could there be an option added to include said images?



23rd Jan 2018 10:45

i downloaded your program, but have 2 questions

1) where can i find the applicable user name ?

I understood, that URL cannot used.

2) I canno select a download folder, The column remains grey, no reaction at all.

Please help me, thanks

Best regards


By Charly


19th May 2018 10:12

there is a restriction of 1.000 pics, what have i to do to set the maximimum ?

thanks for your reply

By Karl


7th Jul 2018 10:05

I've used this program (for Tumblr) a few times back in 2016-2017, it worked perfectly (appart that you have to select 1000 images to get all mages from a tumblr at once).

But now it doesn't works anymore. I tried an old tumblr that I downloaded in 2017, doesn't works too.
The error message is always : "There was an error trying to get that profile. Please make sure you've spelt it correctly".

FYI, I tried (on multiple tumblr's) with :

By Bart


6th Nov 2018 10:27

Same issue as posted by Bart on 7th July. It doesn't seem to work anymore. Are you going to publish a new version of the great tool? Thanks, Massimo

By Massimo


6th Apr 2019 12:19

not working , always message:
"There was an error trying to get that profile. Please make sure you've spelt it correctly".
inserted profilename is existing and correct!

By tablo27


30th Jul 2019 07:40

still not working.

By thiemfah


9th Aug 2019 02:47

i can't download

By kunmna


4th Jun 2020 04:28

I'm using this in 06/03/2020 and all I get is an empty folder with the name of the tumblr user.
I love you.

By Luis


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