3rd Feb 2016 12:11pm
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Leaked My Arse

Over the past couple of years I have been seeing the same term banded around prior to the official release date of an album, "leaked", and it bugs me because if you had an ounce of common sense, you would click that it's just a tired old marketing ploy.

How so? Well, most music fans get excited for when the release date of their favourite singer/bands album is published and then like to fire off a few hundred tweets and Facebook posts predicting how the next album will change their life forever, yadda yadda. What is *MORE* exciting to them fans though, is getting hold of it BEFORE the release date... it's the "must have" thing - getting it before everyone else - so what better way for the music publishers/groups/whatever-they're-called to gain even more popularity - besides the usual few "Blah has been released today" posts on media sites - than to have stage something (supposedly) shocking, like an LBR (Leak Before Release). It's quick and easy to do, it's free to do (yes you lose a bit of revenue in the process) and it generates a LOT more publicity which then drives the sales because then the artist is supposedly forced to then release the album before published release date.

Back in the early P2P days, a fair load of things were genuinely "leaked", however these days the term "leaked" is getting recycled every month, followed immediately by the artist "dropping" (I bloody HATE that term) album. One final point too about this "leaking" malarky - surely people would be named and shamed if this was genuine leaking happening, right? Loss of a job? News stories about the person(s)? Heck, even an investigation? No?


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