24th Oct 2015 12:37pm
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Christmas Commericals 2015

Each year the major supermarkets try to out do each other when it comes to their Christmas commercials. There's that slight American Superbowl-style commercial feel to it, with who's going to have the bigger and best one.

Whilst having a little jolly online, I did come across a few keys as to what'll be included in a Christmas commercial for, as they put it, a "well known supermarket". Now myself and The Mother have both been trying to guess which company this one could be for. At first I thought maybe it could be ASDA or Tesco as they're both well known and what's included in the commercial doesn't seem like something that John Lewis would go for. Suppose I'd have to wait until December to properly find out.

The commercial includes a fun, likeable and easygoing Mother who enjoys stuffing her face with a tin of chocolates. In another scene there's parents who have two (young) kids and are sat watching the classic Snowman film. There'll be four people skating whilst dressed as snowmen.

There's a female wearing a Christmas jumper whilst walking her dog and meets a bloke who is also wearing a Christmas jumper and walking his dog and they both fall for each other. There will be the usual group of customers dancing to an electronic Santa, along with people who are busting some moves on a dance floor - whilst also wearing Christmas style clothing. Then there's a bit where a lady (named Wendy) is at a works Christmas party, and as she's confident she makes a pass for someone else who also works in accounts, called Nigel and guess what? They share a little kiss under the mistletoe.

So that's the commercial... but who do you think it's for?


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31st Oct 2015 15:12

That is all

By Nice Rinder


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