29th Sep 2015 03:55am
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Back To Normality

Summer is over, everything is returning back to normal (kids at school), no stupidly warm temperatures and no more daft half-faced sun tans. Also the one thing about this time of year is the new series of various shows that I like watching are starting to be aired once again. Can't beat sat in bed on a nice cold night time, munching on chocolate and watching cartoons.

At the time of writing this, South Park has aired twice, Family Guy, Modern Family and The Simpsons once. I'm still wondering when American Dad! is due to be aired - I think someone did mention sometime in October, so it's not that far away. The schedule for them all is quite easy to remember too (when aired in the States) ... Modern Family and South Park is on a Wednesday and then American Dad!, Family Guy and The Simpsons are aired on a Sunday.

And with the new episodes all coming out, I think I might start doing reviews of them and see how that goes. There's plenty of other programmes that I do like to watch every now and then, but always seem to watch them in a dodgy order, Big Bang Theory is one key example and that's only because E4 don't seem to play episodes in a normal order.

So that's it... a couple of months time they'll be airing their Christmas specials too, which gets me in the festive mood. :D


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