7th Aug 2015 11:32am
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Backing Up Your Computer Is Now Illegal

The whole copyright debate is a mad one for the UK. One moment we can't make personal backup copies of our CDs and DVDs, then the next moment it becomes something we can do and then recently that has been once again changed. And it's not just the whole copying/ripping music that's involved - it also applies to computer backups.

The UK Intellectual Property Office ("IPO") has said "It is now unlawful to make private copies of copyright works you own, without permission from the copyright holder", so if you buy a CD/DVD/MP3 of a song, that's it - you must keep it in that format (converting it from MP3 to M4A or CD/DVD to MP3/FLAC/MP4 is illegal). And using the normally advertised and freely available tool built-in to iTunes (the CD-ripper) is also illegal. (Weird to think that under this law now, Apple are actively promoting copyright infringement - I'd love to watch that court case)

Now, when you decide to backup your computer/device etc., you basically end up with a copy of all of your files (documents, music, videos), so if something messes up or you lose a file, you can just access your backup and restore the file, BUT doing so is - because of this new UK Copyright Law ruling - illegal, as you're making a "copy" (even though it's a private use copy) of said media item (anything that's got a copyright on it). Don't believe me? The IPO went on to say "it [The Law] includes creating back-ups without permission from the copyright holder as this necessarily involves an act of copying".

That said, the UK Government aren't happy with the decision (finally something we can all agree with the Gov on) and have mentioned that we shouldn't worry about backing up our computers, even though copyright holders CAN (if they want) take anyone to court over copying/ripping or even for backing up our computers.

What a mad strange country we live in. Source here.


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10th Oct 2015 17:15

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