31st Jul 2015 04:26am
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Windows 10: Fix ALL Permission Errors

To transfer images to my laptop from any device/laptop that's connected in my house to the WiFi (or if I'm out and about elsewhere and know my external IP) without having to install drivers for Android, Windows Phone, Apple, etc. I made a bog standard upload form running on my localhost web server so that whenever I'm on something else or out, I can just upload images straight away. Now after upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10, this still works fine... but with one slight problem.

I can't open the images.

The thumbnails don't process show...

Windows 10: Fix ALL Permission Errors

... and when I open the image in Windows Photo Viewer I get given the following message:

Windows 10: Fix ALL Permission Errors

Windows Photo Viewer can't open this picture because you don't have the correct permissions to access the file location.

Ok, so the error message is self-explainatory. I don't have permission to view the images I've just sent to my laptop - even though all the previous images I could. So I tried to change the permissions by right-clicking the folder, going into Properties, then into the Security tab, however most options were set to Full Control, but if I try to edit them, I just kept getting this error message:

Windows 10: Fix ALL Permission Errors

Error Applying Security

An error occurred while applying security information to:


Failed to enumerate objects in the container. Access is denied.

You should also get a very similar error when you try to save or create a new file directly on your main drive (C: in my case).

So what Windows 10 is saying is that I don't have permission to create/edit my files even though in my account settings I am an "Administrator".

Well. I say an Administrator. Actually as an Administrator in Windows 10, you're not.

Administrator accounts are still heavily limited with what you can do - even with your UAC settings on the lowest possible. Really stupid isn't it?

So how do you fix this?

Simple. Actually very simple!

1) Open the RUN box (WINDOWS KEY + R) and type in "secpol.msc". (This has to be done through the RUN box, as it loads it with Administrative privileges)

Windows 10: Fix ALL Permission Errors

2) The "Local Security Policy" window will now open. On the left-hand side navigate through to: Security Settings -> Local Policies -> Security Options. Once there, scroll down the right-hand list until you find an entry titled "User Account Control: Run all administrators in Admin Approval Mode". Double click it (or right-click and choose "Properties") and change the setting from "Enabled" to "Disabled". Then click APPLY, then OK.

Windows 10: Fix ALL Permission Errors

3) You should receive a notification saying "You must restart your computer to off User Account Control". So do as it says and reboot your computer.

Windows 10: Fix ALL Permission Errors

Hey presto! You're done. You should now be able to add/edit files ANYWHERE on your computer with no stupid permission-based errors - so basically, you're FREEEEEEEEEE! Do bare in mind though, that with UAC turned off, some potential bad programs can run without having to require your permission (but if you've got your security stuff up to date, you should be fine). Happy days! :)


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31st Jul 2015 21:33

Hi, this secpol.msc thing doesn't work for me.

This issue is driving me nuts!

Any other ways round this?

By Daniel


2nd Aug 2015 00:05

Hello Daniel,

You can do this through the Registry. Open the Registry Editor (WINDOWS KEY + R, then type: regedit)

Once it's open, navigate through the folders to here:


Find the entry titled "Enable LUA" and double-click it. In the "value data" box, just put a zero (0) in there, click OK. Close the registry and reboot your computer. :)

By Dale Hay


7th Aug 2015 23:17

Hi Daniel, I took the decision to install this Windows 10 thing in my Toshiba with Windows 7, many issues. Wi-Fi is gone and other things. This permission thing is happening to me. This sepcol advice doesn't work and couldn't find this enable lua. Is there some other option?
Tks in advance,


By Juan Diego


13th Dec 2015 09:59

Microsoft garbage all the way:
The secpol doesn't' work for me. I get We cannot find secpol.msc" From one error to another

By Tom Stanley


11th Mar 2016 15:39

theres a easier way, example on a removable just go do the drive right click go properties security, advance and up to left theres users under that theres change, type in Everyone in the box ,click ok , before u click apply now under change theres replace over on subcontainers and objects click that, then at bottom left click replace all child objects, now that will force everything to be accessable even recycling bin

By dano


10th May 2016 20:00

Worked perfectly! You = techno-hero.

By Smarty


11th Aug 2016 20:32

Worked perfectly for me too!! Thank you!!!

By Aquaman


11th Aug 2016 20:34

(The directions by dano are what worked perectly)

By Aquaman


7th Sep 2016 12:56

Thank you Dano, I fixed a folder that had the permission problem. This folder was full of retrieved stuff that I got after using my back up disk to get stuff out from there. So I followed your directions (I'll make them more clear)--> I went to the folder, right click and go to -->properties- security - advance. Up to the left there is "Name: C:Users....", under that there is "Owner: ......" Change (in blue color). Click on Change. Under "Enter the object name to select....." Type--> Everyone in the box, click ok; before you click "Apply" now under Changer there is "Replace over on subcontainers...." click that, then at bottom left click "Replace all child objects...." That is all. Thank you Dano.

By Leo V


23rd Sep 2016 20:27

I changed the registry as suggested, and it fixed one problem that I was having with doing backups. But it created another problem: When I double-click a .jpg file, I get an error message saying: "Photos can't be opened using the Built-In Administrator account. Sign in with a different account and try again." Any suggestions???

By Art Lieberman


2nd Oct 2016 00:35

I love this blog! It absolutely worked for me!

By Amy


4th Oct 2016 16:03

This is so frustrating for me.

I have tried everything. Tried the secpol.msc didn't work, says the file is not found. tried the long way HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Policies/System didn't work, it now says
photos cannot be opened in built-in administrator. please log in using a different user name.

When I use the right click on file it brings gives me properties but no security tab.

any thoughts as to what else I can try?


By Mandy


5th Oct 2016 03:26

You saved me, thank you! I was ready to throw this laptop out the window after 2 hours of trying to change my permissions. The Registry hack worked, thank you so much!

By Kemya


7th Nov 2016 17:01

After my run box couldn't find "secpol.msc", I tried to edit the permission through the Registry. I then received the error: "Photos cannot be opened in built-in administrator. please log in using a different user name."
Then I tried the trick provided by Dano to change ownership of the folder and it worked perfectly!

By Amanda


26th Nov 2016 20:28

Thank you so much! This worked great!

IMPORTANT NOTE: secpol.msc only exists in Windows 10 Pro, NOT Home. It was worth an upgrade to Pro just for this. I'm not sure if the registry key fix above in the comments works with Home, and I can't test it now because I have Pro, but it's worth a look. Thanks again!

By Joe Kelly


21st Dec 2016 11:12

Thank's.. i want to try in my notebook..

By Pance Ambanaga


15th Jan 2017 07:41

Thanks so much for this! Your post was my exact problem and so I was pretty confident that your solution would work perfectly and it did! The only problem was that trying to bring up secpol.msc through the run window didn't work. I get the "Windows cannot find..." error. But once I did a little research and found out that secpol was just a sub-directory of gpedit.msc, I was golden! I just went here to download the gpedit installer: https://www.itechtics.com/enable-gpedit-windows-10-home/

Then I opened the run box, typed in gpedit.msc, and made my way to the secpol part of your instructions (Computer Configuration->Windows Settings->Security Settings->Local Policies->Security Options) and it worked perfectly!



17th Jan 2017 16:50

hi, this did not work for me, i had no problem finding secpol and followed your instructions but it still will not let me change ownership of system32 folder( i also tried the regedit option but to no avail) this is infuriating as i need to install some dll files! any ideas?

By herby 57


30th Jan 2017 03:04

i did this and it was ok but 4 days lather settings are back to enaable ?

By aleksandar


18th Feb 2017 01:17

Tried everything here and still can not delete a single thing in C:ProgramData // unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!

By jeff


20th Feb 2017 15:30

No sir, no fix at all.

By ieprofil


18th Mar 2017 12:37

Your registry fix solved a problem that was infuriating me (none of the other advice I read worked). Thank you!!

By Andrew Pearce


30th Mar 2017 00:13

This solved a problem i was having with Plex Media Server, which was not loading at windows start as it was supposed to. Now it works!

By MovieBuffoon


7th Apr 2017 13:14

Thank you for this! It worked perfectly. Nothing else I had found online was remotely close in providing a solution. I'm certainly not going to "take ownership" of every file and folder in my system. Thanks again!

By Ken


1st May 2017 10:55

Do not blindly set permissions to "everyone".
It will create more problems than it will solve like apps which will not open anymore

By ron


15th May 2017 21:22

After trying this, my external hard drive won't start up. After multiple attempts, it's stuck on the loading screen. Won't start up. I really hope you didn't just kill my back up drive...

By Mosha


18th May 2017 06:30

It's a stupid solution

By Daeamon


4th Jun 2017 13:35

It didn't work for me. The same message appears when I try to delete a folder from ProgramData.


By Elsa


9th Jul 2017 17:40

secpol.msc is not installed on fresh installs of Windows 10. That is a Windows 7 application which is not deleted during an upgrade to Windows 10.

By David Alan Gay


11th Jul 2017 18:11

Great fix!

I do have an upgraded win7 to win10.

By sam


13th Jul 2017 14:02

Thank you Dano and Leo V. I had a deleted user and caused problem in being unable to view files. Fixed now. The key was "Everyone" and inherited permissions.

By Salloom


15th Aug 2017 08:13

How to fix this admin?

Screenshot below:

By Jake


15th Aug 2017 19:44

Hey Jake,

The files in green text are 'compressed'. To undo that, right click the green ones, click 'Properties', then 'Advanced...' (at the bottom of the properties box), then under the 'Compress or Encrypt attributes' section, untick/uncheck the 'Compress contents to save disk space' option. Click 'OK', then 'Apply', then 'OK'.

They should then return back to their normal colour. :)

By Dale Hay


21st Aug 2017 16:15

error applying security

By salvant


4th Sep 2017 14:35

all the applications don't open with me even regedit , task manager , notepad , cmd prmpt , all files ends with .exe
on the other hand I cant download any thing
the only programs work with me are those for videos and photos and internet explorer
please help me

By khaled


7th Sep 2017 12:30

Hello khaled,

If nothing is opening - including Notepad - then I feel you may have a virus of some sort on your computer.

Because you can't open any '.exe' file, then asking you to download, install and run some anti-virus software is pointless.

Do you, or has anyone else (family or friends) have a spare computer that you can install some anti-virus software onto a USB pen/stick, then try booting your computer from USB to let it run a scan before booting into Windows?

I believe AVG and also avast! offer FREE bootable USB anti-virus software. Give them a look. :)

By Dale Hay


12th Sep 2017 12:28

This worked for me ....
Thank you so much....

By Swati Vs


30th Oct 2017 16:27

Thanku you very much it really helped me

By Jagadeesh


3rd Nov 2017 08:54

After biting the bullet with this stupid issue and speaking to microsoft directly, they informed me this is a KNOWN BUG with microsoft and their dev's are working on a fix....

This fix however solved my problem, THANK YOU SO MUCH

By Sean


10th Jan 2018 10:26

There's only one thing you guys and everyone should do in order not to face these kind of common problems that microsoft is setting up in their every new version of every product such as windows.
Say goodbye to microsoft or at least to microsoft windows and use other products. Other products are not scary, nor they are weak, but they are even more secure. I'm not going to name anything because I'm not an advertiser. Peace out.

By Ray


16th Feb 2018 19:46

Thanks Dale Hay! Your solution fixed my issue :)

By Jeremie


22nd Mar 2018 19:41

I upgraded to windows 10 from windows 7. After the upgrade I have a 3TB WD external hard (2.23TB full)
that I don't have permission to access now. It's mostly pictures I've taken and some music files.

-I tried changing the permissions
-I have tried Dale's method
-I tried the regedit method listed in the in

Is there any thing I can do to fix this? Or should I stop wasting my time and toss it out?

By alex


19th Apr 2018 05:02

the change registry work ... thks
Dale Hay

By lam


21st Jul 2018 12:32

Still struggling with permissions issues and long winded ways to cure them, with cures apparently not being permanent or reliable.

More and more worrying updates to Windows/ Office have not cured the problems. I hope the developers get on top of them soon.

A lot of my pictures have found their way on to Google Photos without me doing anything and I can't get them all back at once, only one at a time. Permissions more or less sorted out but my hard disk keeps telling me its recycle bin is corrupted but I can't find or empty it.

By Harfiyah Haleem


9th Oct 2018 10:29

Thanks a LOT! I was struggling for hours to find a solution to access my external drive, this fixed it!!

By Dan


12th Nov 2018 22:40


I had my OneDrive stuck on processing changes even after "taking ownership" of every file in the OneDrive folder.

Why the fck am I even using OneDrive for, it has issues like this every two months or so.

But anyway, completely disabling UAC like you showed fixed the problem so thanks.

By MShater9001


30th Jan 2019 13:51

I've tried quite a few things and this worked great. I changed permissions,allowed 'everyone' access, etc., but only could get about a 1/3 of my photos to not deny me access, this helped out 100%. Thanks :)

By reboot


15th Dec 2019 21:06


By Users


27th Apr 2020 10:42

When i try to use this method, i am getting error

"An Error occurred while applying security information to: C:hiberfil.sys".

and multiple similar error for the the other secure files.

By Miki Katyal


29th Apr 2020 21:05

Thank you from 2020.

By Charlie Phung


28th Jun 2020 20:20

I just wanted to say thank you. I followed your steps and wow IT WORKED !! fixed my problem and no errors now in my win 10 home system.. thanks again.

By Old_ocean1


15th Sep 2020 16:59

Nothing here worked for me.

By ellipse


4th Oct 2020 05:25

Dano's solution worked for me! In Windows 10 Enterprise, I somehow locked myself out of one particular folder on a removable usb drive. When I tried to enable "special permissions," it was greyed out, even though I am the owner and administrator. Works fine now. Thank you, Dano!

By David D.


10th Jan 2021 16:56

God bless you and f*** Microsoft!
Problem solved!

By Plamen Stoyanov


1st Apr 2021 08:08

Thank you so much sir. I was unable to extract any zip in my D: drive because of this stupid administrator.

By sirsanss


9th Nov 2021 04:58

Wow- the registry hack works! So far as I can tell, at least.

This process gets alot more complicated when you are trying to interoperate between Cygwin, and their version of POSIX compliance for UID/GIDs- while also running WSL (windows subsystem for linux) and doing the same- and at the same time (sigh) running a VirtualBox TAILS or KALI with a shared directory between all entities listed.

Maybe I should just go Native Linux rather than stacking together all these kludges.

By Sardon the Unwise


26th Jan 2022 15:30

Dale Hay ftw. Thanks!

By ChrisS


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