30th Jun 2015 02:52am
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One minute's silence on Friday

Due to the recent events in Tunisia, our Prime Minister David Cameron has annouced that on Friday (3rd July) the country (UK) will fall silent for one minute to remember the victims of the Tunisian beach attack that happened on Friday 26th July.

Now whenever there's some sort of silence, I expect people to do it - all in all it's just a few minutes throughout the year that's taken by it. And by "doing the silence", I do actually mean DO THE SILENCE. No talking. No phone calling (unless obviously it's to the emergency services). If you're at work, stop what you're doing - if you're a cashier in ASDA, stop *beeping* things through. And for the love of god, DON'T USE SOCIAL MEDIA! I caught enough UK people last year during the silence for Remembrance Day that Tweeted through it, yeah ok, you're silent whilst typing, but still - it's disrespectful. As I said, it's only a few minutes each year that's it. There's 525,600 minutes in a normal year (527,040 in a leap year) - is it that much to ask for just a couple of them?!

As I did last year for Remembrance Day, I will be running a script to catch anyone that I follow who tweets from 12:00:00 until 12:00:59 and I think this year I should just go ahead and name and shame the UK-based people.

Also, for that minute all of my network of websites will be inaccessible for the minute too. Which is easily done in PHP - if you also have websites that are PHP ran, just shove the following at the top of everything and at midday on Friday, until 12:01:00, your website will be inaccessible...

<?php if(date("j",time())==3 && date("G",time())==12 && date("i",time())==0) { exit(); } ?>

... that's just my little added extra bit of respect, which also happens on 11/11 (and whenever we have any other moments of silence).

Oh side-note, if you're not running on a UK server you may have to just force it to read current UK time, which is easy, just above the code above, just shove:


So just remember UK folks, this Friday (3rd July) at Midday. One minute's silence.


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