13th Jun 2007 03:16pm
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Hmmm... I am just thinking if I should redesign the site, yet again? I am getting a tad bored of this green now. I want something that is in your face, like how the previous yellow, blue and green theme was. I will make up a few ideas over the next few days, start designing it and show you lot.

8th Jun 2007 05:19pm
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Ever wanted something unique? Well why not grab a bargain for this truely unique item. A crisp, shaped like a penis. Currently on eBay at the moment, only a few bids have been put in but it has still got 7 days remaining. Also judging by his answers to potential buyers questions, he has a good sense of humour.

Penis Shaped Crisp

Penis Shaped Crisp on eBay

6th Jun 2007 09:12pm
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Well it is the first commercial break of this years most controversial program on television. So far it seems pretty decent, I am recording it on Sky+ too so I can watch it over again. Well it is back on now. Here is what Channel 4 has mentioned about it.

Diana: The Witnesses in the Tunnel
Diana, Princess of Wales was perhaps the most photographed person in the world. Her death in a car crash in August 1997 stunned a world that had lived her life with her. The blame was put squarely on the photographers who surrounded her in death... []

5th Jun 2007 10:55pm
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Last Monday (28th May) I decided to sing at KUBar in Central London. I sang Beauty School Dropout and as you normally would be, I was nervous! Though after a few more people came and sang their songs the host of the night came over to me and mentioned that I am through to the final. He also mentioned that all the girls in the corner, which Martyn informed me is the VIP-y type bit, absolutely loved me. So me and Martyn, who is also in the final, will be entering the final as a duet. We will be mixing... []

31st May 2007 03:52pm
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Ellie Crane

There... a picture of my little niece, Ellie.

26th May 2007 02:28pm
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Well at 1.53pm today my sister finally gave birth to a baby girl weighing 6lbs 8oz. They're fine as far as I know, but I am now an uncle. Urgh.

22nd May 2007 04:57pm
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Hmmmm I should of had became an uncle the other day however my sisters little nipper is still not making its way into the world!

Here are some pictures of my sisters belly... ewww.
Kirstie Louise CraneKirstie Louise Crane

21st May 2007 09:10pm
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Well it's about time that I post these. These were recorded the other day while at Bar 68. Woooo, go me!

My Boy Lollipop

Beauty School Dropout

I am sorry about the sound and picture quality.

19th May 2007 04:11pm
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Well it seems I've forgot to renew ConvoWorld, ooops. So give me a day or two to transfer it back over to Dale Hay . com for a while until I am able to purchase the domain again. Gotta wait 3 months / 90 days for the dropout period to be over. ConvoWorld members will get an email when it's sorted.

11th May 2007 10:11pm
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Just a little message for the parents of Madeleine McCann. I hope you find Madeleine safe and sound and the people that took her from you get whats coming to them.

Crimestoppers: 01883 731 336
International Crimestoppers: 44 1883 731 336

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