20th Oct 2007 03:47am
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Sorry about the downtime, my host has decided to upgrade the MySQL (database) servers on the whole of the network so this site and all my others have been down. They should all be back online now, however at the time of posting this Sound Upload is still down - so give it a few more hours.

17th Oct 2007 07:12am
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Mind Reading Computers by Microsoft

Microsoft have decided to go one step further with their technology on computers. They have filed a Patent (0070185697) for mind reading technology.

NewScientist said: "The company (Microsoft) says that it is hard to properly evaluate the way people interact with computers since questioning them at the time is distracting and asking questions later may not produce reliable answers. "Human beings are often poor reporters of their own actions," the company says.
Instead, Microsoft wants to read the data straight from the user's brain as he or she
... []

17th Oct 2007 04:16am
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Ok, a quick early morning tip for all you people out there that are getting bored of the same old junk that gets emailed to you, like get your dong enlarged or get sexy girls in your local area - fat girls more like, we all know some overweight sweaty momma is sitting on the otherend of the phone touching herself while endulging in a big mac. Anyways, back on subject... yeah spam emails. We all have them, we all get them. Below are a few questions answered about them.

Why do I get them?
You get them to earn other... []

14th Oct 2007 11:19pm
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I am 20 years old in 24 days. Damn I'm getting old. I'll have a zimmer soon.

7th Oct 2007 07:54am
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QUIDIt'll cost you £6.25! That's correct, because space tourism is a "reality" the geeks over at the University of Leicester have come up with the QUID (Quasi Universal Intergalactic Denomination) - a currency for space. The rate of exchange for the funky retro looking currency is £6.25 / $12.50 / €8.68 to one QUID - not really a decent bargain unless you've won the jackpot in a intergalactic casino. The QUID has a gorgeous look to them as the colour stuff that you see inside each one is a our Sun then the little black... []

3rd Oct 2007 08:17pm
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Now I'm not one for cars, but I did see this in The London Paper. It was publicly shown yesterday in its factory in Yokohama in Japan. Take a look at it, don't it look lovely.

Mazda Taiki
Mazda Taiki

3rd Oct 2007 11:55am
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Wow.. I'm now saving 10p on every bus journey... wow what a saving. Only 90p per bus ride. Pretty crappy to be honest, not really saving much, though I suppose in the long run I would save. They should impliment the Oyster scheme all around the country as when I was back in Atherstone it cost almost a fiver for a return bus journey to the next town which is about 8 miles away.

1st Oct 2007 04:42pm
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I must first say I enjoyed Wrong Turn 1 a lot as it had a fantastic twist at the end of it, however Wrong Turn 2 didn't follow suit. To be honest it was more of a reality TV show crossed with The Hills Have Eyes (in a low budget style of way). I think I only jumped once or twice but that was all. I'd have to seriously give this film 2 out of 5 stars.


1st Oct 2007 05:33am
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I've added a new page in the Tech Stuff section titled Video Downloader. Basically it allows you to download and keep precious and favorite YouTube clips It also works with iFilm, DailyMotion, Blip.TV and Break.com. Have fun and enjoy saving. Oh adn you'll need an FLV player to see the clips, which Riva do one. Links below.

» Video Downloader
» Riva FLV Player

30th Sep 2007 04:16am
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