28th Jan 2008 05:11pm
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25th Jan 2008 04:00pm
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Damn it!! I have been drawn into the mindless world of Big Brother... this edition that is on now has been ruled by celebs and it has been so funny. I watched it from about 9pm last night till now and I am still watching it. I also watched clips on YouTube too. I hate addictive programs, same with soaps too.

25th Jan 2008 01:32am
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A group of teenagers took what looked like to be a normal photo on their Sony Ericsson mobile phone and to their shock and suprise they ended up having another member in the photo that they never even knew was there. Below you can see their picture with what looks very clearly like a young girl. That parapsychologist bloke from Most Haunted, Ciaran O'Keeffe, explained the most stupidiest theory for the picture. "As human beings we're very good at finding a pattern in randomness and related to that we're good at finding faces in randomness. The term for this is... []

24th Jan 2008 05:40pm
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I as have many other people have noticed the forum is playing up. Sorry about that... I will be sorting it out soon.

23rd Jan 2008 04:02pm
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Ha ha ha, Ian Beale having a make over by Jane's (wife) brother Christian. What a laugh!

Ian Beale Make Over

23rd Jan 2008 09:11am
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Right as of yesterday HTML 5.0 started getting rolled out and because of this many web designers need to keep up with the changes. One of the big changes is that the center tag (which obviously centerizes everything) is being dropped, so how do you align things? Simple! With CSS. I have made a small centerizing tutorial for people to follow if they wish to keep upto date on the new centering methods.

» HTML 5 Tutorial - Centering with CSS

23rd Jan 2008 07:53am
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Four years ago NASA sent a spacecraft to Mars called Explorer and it ended up sending back some decent pictures including this one. What do you think?

Man on Mars

23rd Jan 2008 07:45am
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Yesterday at around 8.30pm GMT nominated actor Heath Ledger, 28, died in his Manhattan apartment building. He is best known for his roles in The Dark Knight (As the Joker) and Brokeback Mountain. It is said that his body was discovered naked and face down on the floor with some prescription medication near by including sleeping pills. Various movie stars have expressed their sympathies at the young actors untimely death.

Heath Ledger
Source: AP

21st Jan 2008 01:20pm
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Like Street Fighter? Yeah? Well next month will see the Beta testing phase of the new Street Fighter! Take a look at the screenshots...

Street Fighter Online: Mouse Generation
Street Fighter Online: Mouse Generation
Street Fighter Online: Mouse Generation
Street Fighter Online: Mouse Generation

Oh don't worry this new Street Fighter is NOT Street Fighter 4. This is a different one instead. This is called Street Fighter Online: Mouse Generation... []

21st Jan 2008 10:23am
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Electronic Arts have decided to later this year release one of the Battlefield Series games for free and not sell it in shops. It will be a free download however the game will be supported and funded by advertisements. The game is due out later this year.

» BBC News: EA pushes ad-backed video games

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