18th Sep 2007 12:56am
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I've told my Mom plenty of times that I have always wanted a monkey. Not the big chimpanzee ones but a little monkey, like the one Ross from Friends had. To you people that know what that type of monkey is then you will know it is a Capuchin Monkey. Do a Google search for it or WikiPedia it... they're gorgeous! Though while searching around for them I ended up finding a picture of one - a baby one. And looking at it, it reminded me somewhat of a certain Medium I know called Derek Acorah. Take a look and tell em if you notice what I noticed too. Look at the monkeys hair.. it has that same outburst that Derek does on his. He He.

Derek Acorah and Monkey


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20th Sep 2007 00:11

Haha that is so true!
By Rob Dewar

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