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28th Jul 2012 08:53pm
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6 Hour Sleep Timelapse in 6 Mins

I was bored last night, so decided to film myself sleeping. I slept for just over 6 hours and have made it faster to squeeze into 6 minutes. It's a kind of pointless video - but that's what boredom does.

» YouTube: 6 Hour Sleep Timelapse in 6 Mins

5th Dec 2009 05:03am
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Minor Update

Damn, it's been months since I last updated this... well not much has really changed, though I have many plans in the pipeline.

Firstly, I'm going to clean up some pages on here as some are getting old and out-dated.

Secondly, I'm in the process of writing up a storyboard for the next video - hopefully you'll all like it... it's going to be a bitch to make, but it's going to be worth it afterwards. All I can say at the moment is that I'm going to be doing the typical "Basshunter" style storyline with the song - Oh and it's... [read more]

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26th Sep 2008 04:36pm
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Dog Singing

So, I was on YouTube and typed in "dog barking", just to see how the dogs here react. A clip came up with a squeaky toy and the dogs shot up and ran to my laptop sniffing it. So I thought "ok, how about another clip". I ended up coming across this clip of a lad playing the piano and his dog singing.

Now, I've watched the clip 5 times now and I still cannot stop laughing when the dog starts "singing". Take a... [read more]

11th Aug 2008 03:49am
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Will It Blend?

If you've heard of the "Smash My" craze that was all over the internet back in the early Playstation 2 days, then you should see this "new-ish" craze... "Will It Blend?". Basically a certain item gets picked and you get to see if it gets blended... now I've chose two videos of "Will It Blend?". The two items are the iPhone and the iPhone 3G... will they blend? Watch them...


iPhone 3G
... [read more]
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