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3rd Feb 2013 05:18am
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Dale's Ad Break (Episode 1: January)

Good morning everyone. I was bored the other day and got an idea when watching Sky TV at stupid-o'clock in the morning to film myself introducing adverts - I think the program's called Commercial Breakdown. Simple idea and not really much is needed. However A) I can't present to save shit and B) My camera is a cheap 640*480 VGA thing, so the quality of me is awful. I was due to get a decent camcorder before Xmas but it seems Argos doesn't seem to stock it in any of it's local stores within a 10-15 mile range... so I... [read more]

7th Jan 2013 10:22pm
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London's 2013 New Year Fireworks

Normally the world's eyes are always on Sydney, Australia's fireworks when it comes to the New Year, however I believe the display from the Aussie's this year wasn't upto scratch. It was very "spaced out" and patchy and there wasn't so much of the iconic bridge being used either - though I did notice the beautiful golden waterfall effect, that was beautiful. However it seemed this years winner was without a doubt here on our home turf, London.

London 2013 New Year Fireworks - Duration: 11:52 - Size: 156MB

Besides... [read more]

27th Nov 2012 05:09am
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Dale's vLog #2

Time for my second - one day late - Vlog ... this time about my bowels, my box, lube, TV babes and random long words ...

18th Nov 2012 08:39am
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Dale's vLog #1

Bah... well, I thought I'd mkae a quick vLog (video-blog) considering I'm seeing a fair few people on Twitter are starting to do them too, might aswell jump on the bandwagon and chat about random crap. :D

15th Aug 2012 07:40pm
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Video Introduction (Draft Copy)

I spent about 10-15 minutes earlier thinking of a nice little intro to place on any videos that I make for YouTube in the future and think that this - as a start - is quite nice. It's simple, pretty-ish and easy to make in Adobe After Effects... sooo the only thing I think I need to add to it now is a sound effect, probably a "whoosh" sound when the words fly in and fly back out.

Your thoughts?

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