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24th Mar 2009 12:51am
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Drag Me to Hell

Hmmm... just saw a trailer to a film due out 29th May 2009 called Drag Me to Hell, seems a fairly decent-ish looking film.

I mainly prefer thriller orientation horrors than normal horrors and by the looks of the trailer... which made me jump two times (only because I have my headphones in and the volume is on full blast with no distractions around! - You all should try it!) the film looks fairly decent.

The story line is kinda normal I suppose... a lady ends up with the task of telling an old lady that she cannot have her mortgage payment... [read more]

7th Jan 2009 03:39pm
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New Shameless Trailer!

Here is the new Shameless trailer if you haven't already seen it. :)

(Starts last week of January 2009!)

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