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9th May 2013 07:09pm
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How To Stop Spam On Your Website

Update: Post Updated 9th June 2013 08:09pm

Automated spam is wild now-a-days on the internet and if you run your own website, you'll know that there's many methods you can use when you encouter spam to deter it. However, one easy way I've found, which is VERY simple and easy to do is by creating a simple checkbox that if left unticked will tell your script that the person is not human and will not continue sending their message.

On your form

<input type="checkbox" name="notbot"> Tick this box to confirm you're not a bot.

On your script

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20th Mar 2013 03:47am
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Pectus Excavatum Post-Op

It's now been two and a half weeks since I finally had the bar in my chest removed and I thought I may aswell give everyone an update as to how everything's going.

The cuts at the moment are still tender on both sides, the right-hand side isn't too bad and the swelling has gone down on it a lot, however the left-hand side is still fairly swollen and quite painful to touch or when my arm rubs against it. This pain is quite annoying too because I like to sleep on the left-hand side of my body (I had a... [read more]

5th Feb 2013 04:51am
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Free Tools

I have recently started programming a few free tools for you to use on here. They won't appeal to everyone, but to some, they may come in handy. At the moment I've got a Lottery Generator, Muddle A Word, Password Generator and a UNIX Timestamp Converter. As time goes on I will update the tools section with more random tools. If you have any suggestions too, then please feel free to comment below and I'll make it.


» Lottery Generator

» Muddle A Word

» Password Generator

» UNIX Timestamp Converter

31st Dec 2012 08:22am
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My Life Story Cheats

My Life StoryYesterday I downloaded GameFools' PC Game My Life Story free from and decided to play it. It's one of those games that you get really addicted too, then you also notice the company then spawns loads with a similar type of game play. Well, I noticed online that some people were looking for a My Life Story cheats.

Now this game has been made - I'm guessing in Flash and after a quick five seconds of snooping, I came across the data files. They're NOT encrypted or compiled in anyway, they're... [read more]

25th Oct 2012 11:13pm
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20th Oct 2012 Hail Storm in Gauteng, South Africa

Just been sent an email with pictures and a video of a hail storm that occured over the weekend in Gauteng in South Africa. The pictures show you the extent of the damage, but to get the full feel of it, check out the video below. Unbelievable!

20th Oct 2012 Hail Storm in Gauteng, South Africa
20th</a>... <span class=[read more]