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28th Oct 2012 01:16am
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Welcome back GMT

I like this time of year, other than the nice mellow quiet dark evenings and nights, it's the fact that we say goodbye to British Summer Time (BST / GMT+1 / UTC+1) and that we're back in our original / proper timezone once again. (As we should be - remember... we, the Brit's are the masters of time! Be it GMT or UTC)

British Summer Time to Greenwich Mean Time
(Clocks go back an hour at 2am)

Anyways, don't forget at 2am tonight (so in less than an hour of me posting this), whack your clocks back... [read more]

29th Mar 2009 02:09am
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Timezone Change

Right at the time of reading this, it shouldn't be 1.09am, it's now 2.09am! Please remember to put your clocks FORWARD one hour now, so yes, you lose one hour of sleep! Please remember too, that your computer clocks will have automatically updated, so your computer is the correct time!

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