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8th Feb 2010 11:37am
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Haiti Earthquake Charity Single

I've just been checking out the latest news on the BBC News website and came across the "video premiere" for the Haiti earthquake charity single and to be honest, I found it quite good and have been suprised at how quick it's became available - considering the earthquake (measuring 7.0rs) happened only a few weeks ago (16th January 2010).

image taken from screenshot of music video, ? BBC

The song is a cover of REM's 1992 single, Everybody Hurts and features Susan Boyle, Leona Lewis, Mika, Rod Stewart, Alexandra Burke, James Blunt, Robbie Williams, Cheryl Cole, James Morrison, Aston... [read more]

24th May 2009 09:43pm
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Susan Boyle Update

Susan Boyle has just sang Elaine Paiges "Memory" from Cats. She did catch a few dodgy notes at the beginning, however she picked it up and gave a brilliant performance. The ending was brilliant too! You go for it girl!!

18th Apr 2009 02:16pm
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Susan Boyle

Well as you've noticed I've had a "Susan Boyle for BGT'09" at the top left of for the past week and I just want to say, I hope she wins! What a voice! Also over 20 million collective views on YouTube. There is also loads of overseas coverage of it too and also it's rumoured that she'll be on The Opera Oprah Winfrey Show.

Show your support and vote for her when it gets to that time!

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