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3rd Jun 2009 11:38am
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Street View

Wicked! I've just had the Google Street View vehicle go past outside the house - luckily I was pre-warned so I went outside on the drive and it passed me. Woohoo... I'm gonna be on Street View (obviously blurred though)

1st Apr 2009 02:40am
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Google April Fools 2009

Well April Fools has started and Google has already started a few off already.

YouTube New Viewing Experience
Stupid and useless, but still funny.
? YouTube New Viewing Experience

Street View Panda
When on Google Street View, in the bottom right hand corner the yellow man is now a Panda.
? Google Maps

An Australian Football with a built-in GPS system that costs $10 (AUD)
? Google: gBall

I'll update this with anymore that they do when they're discovered.