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3rd Mar 2015 10:34pm
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dhAUD SoundCloud v1.0 Released

dhAUD SoundCloud is a free program that allows you to download audio files from SoundCloud for future offline listening.

dhAUD SoundCloud

This program can come in extremely handy too, if you were to want to backup your SoundCloud account by downloading all your audio files in a few simple clicks.

How To Use

To use the program, you just need to download it (using the link below), then once it's downloaded, unzip it and double-click 'dhAUD SoundCloud.exe' to run it. Once loaded, you just need to enter the/your username of the SoundCloud account, select the maximum amount of audio files to... [read more]

8th Aug 2014 03:16pm
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After UK Police Shutdowns, Hello TOR

My previous post explained about the UK Police's latest crackdown on torrent sites and along with that, they also shut down Immunicity (which was just a normal free censorship tool). So with Immunicity no longer working and also shitloads of proxy websites going offline every week, what's the next best option?

TOR. That's what. TOR stands for The Onion Router - and like a router does, it directs traffic in different ways... with this it directs internet traffic through a volunteer network allowing you to totally avoid any "This page is... [read more]

2nd Feb 2013 02:24am
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PHP Drug

Earlier on today, I was comparing how instead of learning French or German when I was growing up, I decided to learn a web based language - PHP. Normally when I mention about PHP people usually say to me what is it?! And this always reminds me of a fake news story from many years ago of a case where someone didn't know it was a web programming language - and the story did fool a fair few people at the same time. (I own up, I believed it at first until I got near the bottom and noticed the... [read more]

17th May 2009 10:37am
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An Update

I suppose it's time I did an update. Well where to start first... hmm... well I ended up getting a letter from the doctors the other day stating that the nurse practioner that had seen me before about my chest has been "trying to contact me" ... like bollocks has she. Anyways, she wants me to go for a "reversibility testing" thing... not sure what it is - though I have done a good old? Google search on it and I think it's something to do with breath tests or something like that to see if my lungs are fine,... [read more]

25th Sep 2008 09:51pm
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dhSpy on Warez Sites

dhSpyWell I don't know if to be happy or what. I've just done a seach for dhSpy (to see if the name is unique) and on Google it showed all the free download websites that have the file on, however I found two results that were a bit, well, urgh. My program is on Warez sites (Warez sites are basically the dark side of the internet, the underworld, where you can download full programs and games, cracks and serial numbers illegally from home-based servers). Now considering anything on warez sites is usually commercial licensed stuff and costs... [read more]

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