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1st Apr 2009 06:04am
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erm... weird...

Ok... that was just weird. I've just started to get to sleep when all of a sudden the radio comes on! I'm the only one in the room... and the radio has it's function switch on "OFF" and its power switch to "OFF" too. Now that is kinda freaky... so if anyone is deciding to play an April Fools joke on me I'm not falling for it... though that's weird how a radio can power itself without being on. Though it was a good song - Hey There Delilah.

I've put the volume down on the radio so I cannot hear... [read more]

29th Oct 2008 11:14pm
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Russell Brand Quits, Jonathan Ross Next?

Wow. Talk about things being blown out of proportion!

Ok, I hate Russell Brand and can't understand Jonathan Ross however I think this recent "prank call" incident has just gone off the rails a bit. Ok, so what? They did 4 prank calls to Andrew Sachs... with Jonathan Ross saying Russell Brand has slept with his grand-daughter. To be honest, I'd find that more amusing than anything else... not because the fact I ain't got a grand-daughter... but just for the sheer comedy behind it. However Andrew Sachs' Grand-daughter, named Georgina Baillie - yes, I don't know who to hell she... [read more]

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