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27th May 2013 12:41am
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Is Caffeine Illegal Anywhere In The World?

Is Caffeine Illegal Anywhere In The World?As part of a small bunch of random questions I think of in my little mind, this was one of them. I was wondering if Caffeine is actually illegal in any countries around the world. Now you might be just wondering, of course it isn't, but remember, the world is full of silly and strange laws and what-not, so sometimes you may be surprised what you find out.

However, at this current time, I'm happy to report that Caffeine is not illegal in any country around the world. But(!),... [read more]

3rd Sep 2009 08:53pm
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Interesting Question

The other week in the pub an elderly bloke asked me a question that got my brain thinking. It was raining outside and I had to get some chewing gum for my mate.

The question was If you run in the rain, wouldn't you get just the same amount of water on you as if you walked? Because when running in the rain the water is hitting you more even though you're not in the rain much.

Fairly interesting question isn't it. All I can say is, discuss.

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