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24th Jul 2013 08:24pm
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Welcome, Prince George of Cambridge

Royal Baby, Prince George of Cambridge

So the latest addition to the Royal Family and now 3rd in line to the throne (probably much to the utter disappointment of Prince Harry, who - as radio chart shows usually say - has fallen one place to fourth) has arrived, been pictured and finally been named.

The name chosen by Kate and Will for the future King is George Alexander Louis or to give him his current title Prince George of Cambridge. Though this did seem a bit problematic for Australia's Business Insider website, who ran the name as George Alexander... [read more]

23rd Nov 2012 01:56pm
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Brokeback Mountain, Whitehall Style

Naked Man in Whitehall, London

Just a normal day in the crazy Big Smoke. Also, nope, don't worry, that's NOT another one of Prince Harry's drunken escapades that you can see in the picture. It's actually some random bloke - naked, may I add, who's decided to mount a statue in Whitehall, London causing police to shut the street off. This incident happened just over an hour or so ago, no idea who he is nor the reason as to why he decided to go starkers... luckily he didn't do it yesterday... [read more]

23rd Aug 2012 05:04pm
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Prince Harry Naked

I am actually surprised I haven't posted this earlier to try and get the audience of the search engines - as I'm having very good coverage for it all recently, well basically our third-in-line to the Throne, Prince Harry is on leave from the army and two pictures appeared on American gossip site, TMZ, of him - one of him playing naked billiards and another of him holding his "crown jewels". Both not actually showing anything rude - even his arse crack is "starred" in one photo. So these two pictures have circulated the internet and global newspapers,... [read more]

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