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2nd Jul 2013 07:30am
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Twitter Series: #1 Using Twitter API v1.1

The final stages of the transition from v1 to v1.1 of Twitter's API went fully complete 11th June 2013, however there's still a fair few people using v1 of the Twitter API and moaning that it's not working. Well obviously it's not going to work now as it's been totally switched off.

However updating to use v1.1 of the API is very simple.

Now before I start rambling on about how you can do things, I would like to point out that I am using Abraham Williams' Twitter OAuth class for this post (as it's the first and main one I've came... [read more]

9th May 2013 07:09pm
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How To Stop Spam On Your Website

Update: Post Updated 9th June 2013 08:09pm

Automated spam is wild now-a-days on the internet and if you run your own website, you'll know that there's many methods you can use when you encouter spam to deter it. However, one easy way I've found, which is VERY simple and easy to do is by creating a simple checkbox that if left unticked will tell your script that the person is not human and will not continue sending their message.

On your form

<input type="checkbox" name="notbot"> Tick this box to confirm you're not a bot.

On your script

... [read more]
2nd Feb 2013 02:24am
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PHP Drug

Earlier on today, I was comparing how instead of learning French or German when I was growing up, I decided to learn a web based language - PHP. Normally when I mention about PHP people usually say to me what is it?! And this always reminds me of a fake news story from many years ago of a case where someone didn't know it was a web programming language - and the story did fool a fair few people at the same time. (I own up, I believed it at first until I got near the bottom and noticed the... [read more]

3rd Nov 2008 10:49pm
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IP Banning in Force

Well, I'm sick of spam bots hijacking my forms with all the hundreds of links that they automatically post, so I've just sat here and made a very simple - but effective - method of removing them. Basically every page you go to on now initiates a little PHP based function, which takes your IP address and tries and matches it within an array of many others, if it finds a match, you can't see the site. Simple as. So any spam... means a straight up ban. :)

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25th Sep 2008 09:57pm
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dhGuestbook v1.2.0 Released

I'm a few days late posting this, but the newest version of dhGuestbook has been released. In this version a delete comment option has been added for the administrator. Upgrading is simple (replace 4 lines and add values for 2 lines) and installing it for the first time is really simple!

So if you're looking for a free PHP Guestbook (that uses a MySQL backend) then go and download it now. It's all free and if you need any help with it, then use the contact form and I'll help you. Many people around the... [read more]

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