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1st May 2015 07:54am
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1,000th Blog Post

1,000th Blog Post

1,000 ... yes, 1,000th blog post.


Well, for the past couple of years I've been wanting to hit this mark at the end of the year (like as a New Years Eve post), but in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014, I had failed. Now it's the 1st of May, I can't exactly keep the site quiet for another 7 months, so today will have to do.

As it's my 1,000th post, I suppose I should do that whole "let's take a trip down memory lane" thing... so, here we go...

Way back in September 2005 - on the... [read more]

3rd Feb 2013 07:10pm
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Current Emotions

Well normally I don't really speak about my proper feelings and emotions on here unless they're related to my operation situation, but I feel the need to, otherwise I'll keep them bottled up. So this evening I decided to pluck up the courage to ask someone - who I will not name (as that would be stupid and low doing so and I respect them) - to go on a date with me. However, sadly, I got a 'no'. Now this lad who I asked, is the most lovely, cute, caring and thoughtful person I've ever came to meet... [read more]

14th Dec 2012 12:46am
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Menu, End Game

During my life I have been given loads of chances ... sadly I never seemed to have fulfilled them and just moved on and decided to get offered other chances, which I did the same and never decided to follow them up either. These include things like College, University, Jobs, Careers, "personal money earners" ... and sadly I am now too old to do most of the things I wish I did do.

Now I'm older, I am finding the stresses of life becoming all to much and it's not helping when the only way for me to get money is... [read more]

15th Aug 2012 03:35pm
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What Is Wrong With Me?

Urgh, what is wrong with me? It seems that it's that time of year again where I seem to fall into some sort of depressive state - of which I have no idea why. Always seems to happen in mid-August and I don't know why. I still maintain a strong humourous front online (besides this post) so that people think I'm always happy and smiling, however for some reason I'm breaking down inside. As I once described it to a friend, "I feel like I'm a lonely iceberg just floating in an ocean of unknown-ness".

Nothing's really happened to put me... [read more]

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