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12th Aug 2014 03:13pm
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Why Do People Buy Twitter Followers?

Why Do People Buy Twitter Followers

If you've got an account on Twitter, you would've surely noticed by now that quite a fair few accounts seem to be sporting over 10,000 followers, yet they're only following about a fifth of them and that they aren't an actor, singer, politician, etc..

Now a majority of these said "followers" will actually be fake accounts, because if you're tech savvy enough, you would know that there's a slight flaw in Twitters mobile website which allows a simple bot (or most people just pay someone to do it) to register loads of fake accounts,... [read more]

22nd Apr 2009 04:22pm
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Spam Bots

Why don't spam bots and the people that spawn them understand... this blog based site I've created has a filter system on it that I made... so why waste time spamming me with links to enlarge my penis or to get cheap viagra or (the worst) see slutty Paris Hilton naked... jesus.. we've all seen it! Goodness me.

Go spam somewhere else... as I'm starting to get annoyed with a couple of hundred spam posts a day... though it does keep me busy. I do actually find it quite funny that underneath the links in the posts they always have a... [read more]

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