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1st Mar 2013 02:00am
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On erm the erm radio erm...

Well yesterday I had the delight of visiting BBC Coventry & Warwickshire for a radio interview with the lovely Annie Othen about my Pectus Excavatum. Now if you listen to the interview (which is available on the BBC iPlayer here until next Wednesday [6th March] - I'm on just after about 2hrs) or you can listen to my segment below (no time limit), you will notice one thing... which I totally didn't think I was doing, however my Brother and The Mother both told me about it, which is that I kept saying "erm" so... [read more]

27th Feb 2013 01:09am
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I'm on the Radio in the morn...

Well what an interesting day!

Firstly, I received a call this afternoon from the producer on BBC Coventry & Warwickshire after she had emailed me through my blog (*yay*) asking if I was happy for an interview about my current ordeal with my operation. Obviously at first glance of the email I was fairly nervous (and shocked), but I replied with my contact details and she called me to confirm a few details and originally wished for me to come in on Monday 4th March for the 11am slot. I agreed to it.

Then about 20-odd minutes later the producer (may I... [read more]

24th Feb 2013 05:42pm
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Me In The News

As you may know if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook (links above menu) that my operation to remove the bar from my chest (because of my condition, "Pectus Excavatum") had been cancelled 4 times.

BirminghamMailI was repeatedly told by some of my close followers to contact PALS and the media. Upon doing a bit of research as to what PALS do, a lot of the outcomes were to go to the media as it's a powerful method of basically 'kicking them up the arse'. So I did just that. I... [read more]

31st Jan 2013 09:31am
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8th February 2013


Now if you remember me saying in my previous post that after that day (24th Jan) I will no longer be 95% human, 5% stainless steel ... well sadly that didn't happen. Yes, the operation got postponed. Again. What made it worse though is that I received the phone call to tell me it'd been cancelled when I was already halfway to the hospital - we had just drove through Coleshill and the phone signal was crap. Though, I do remember a street we passed and I had to take a picture - just for the sheer fact of it... [read more]

24th Jan 2013 07:31am
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Pectus Excavatum: The Big Day

Well after today, I will no longer be 95% human, 5% stainless steel and will be back to being 100% human. Yes, the day has came where my bar that's been correcting my Pectus Excavatum finally comes out.

At the time of writing this (7.28am), I am not actually very nervous... though I shouldn't really be as I've been there and done it once before (when the bar was being put in), though knowing me when I'm called up to have my sexy hospital gown on, then the nerves will probably start taking over me.

So the way the day is due... [read more]

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