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4th Apr 2013 01:32pm
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Kim Jong Un Attackkk...

Kim Jong Un

I got bored... and opened Photoshop.

5th Apr 2009 06:49am
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Oh they did it...

Well waking up this morning - yes at stupid o'clock and I've now found out that North Korea has set off the rocket that they was told by others NOT to launch otherwise it'll start a war. So what did they do... they did it. Oh goodness... leave the country alone... let it continue with it's supposedly "peaceful space program"

9th Mar 2009 05:02am
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Leave North Korea Alone

Right, we all know (especially in the United Kingdom) that the United States of America ("USA") are outragious / random ... I mean, look at any TV show and the crowd goes wild over the slightest thing... you sneeze or say "Titty Tassles" and they're laughing into next week.

However from reading some news on the BBC News website (which I check at least about 5 times a day!) the not-so-wonderful Northern province of Korea (known to all as North Korea) has warned that if the USA or South Korea shoot down any of North Korea's satellites then it will start... [read more]

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