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24th Feb 2013 05:42pm
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Me In The News

As you may know if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook (links above menu) that my operation to remove the bar from my chest (because of my condition, "Pectus Excavatum") had been cancelled 4 times.

BirminghamMailI was repeatedly told by some of my close followers to contact PALS and the media. Upon doing a bit of research as to what PALS do, a lot of the outcomes were to go to the media as it's a powerful method of basically 'kicking them up the arse'. So I did just that. I... [read more]

23rd Aug 2012 05:04pm
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Prince Harry Naked

I am actually surprised I haven't posted this earlier to try and get the audience of the search engines - as I'm having very good coverage for it all recently, well basically our third-in-line to the Throne, Prince Harry is on leave from the army and two pictures appeared on American gossip site, TMZ, of him - one of him playing naked billiards and another of him holding his "crown jewels". Both not actually showing anything rude - even his arse crack is "starred" in one photo. So these two pictures have circulated the internet and global newspapers,... [read more]

31st Jul 2012 04:51pm
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Unsure where I stand with Tom Daley Troll

Yesterday the Twittersphere was booming with the usual Olympic tweets along with various messages of support for, in particular, Tom Daley. Tom and his diving partner Pete Waterfield performed their synchronised dives, but sadly failed to clinch a medal (Good on them for trying! Excellent work from both).

Then came one of the few select people on Twitter who are just small-minded simpletons who crave attention and want to be "Twitter Famous" because they've got oh-so many thousands of followers (remember this is the online world - not the real world [sad!]) ... anyways, this low-life 17... [read more]

27th Jun 2012 07:50am
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Sex in Prison Rant

Just a small rant this morning... the BBC News website is running a story about a Charity doing research into sex in prisons in the UK and upon reading it I noticed a certain Ms Crook stating (near the bottom of the article)

"If you have a 15-year-old who is jailed for two years, they are missing out on what their friends are getting which is the development of their relationships, girlfriends and so on".

My response - well two - to that is A) Some may have boyfriends - get real and with the times and B) They did... [read more]

28th May 2012 05:25am
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Greenwich Fire 28th May 2012

In the early hours of Monday 28th May 2012, around 3.30am, residents in South-East London were woken up to what has been described as an air-raid siren. (I do feel sorry for any elderly person that gets woken up by that - I'd personally shit my pants and run for cover with a tin hat and a gun*)

As far as reports are going - considering BBC News haven't even mentioned a single bit about it (let down!!) - there's supposedly a fire in the Greenwich area, with about 70 firefighters currently tackling it. Plenty of pictures and videos have been... [read more]