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15th Jun 2014 05:03pm
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Apple Is Ready To Rinse You Of Cash Again

iPhone 6

Well what a surprise, Apple will be once again rinsing you of even more money later this year when it releases the iPhone 6 - and I bet a load of you will once again still happily open your wallets and spend your money on their dribble.

It seems, obviously still rumoured (at the moment), that the iPhone 6 will NOT have the bog-standard 3.5mm jack (the headphone hole to you simpletons), which will mean all your current headphones, cables and connectors that you have once bought and currently use, will be rendered useless! (Feel free to... [read more]

18th May 2014 08:00pm
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Top 40 UK Chart Singles (18th May 2014)

Below is the list of Top 40 UK Chart Singles announced Sunday 18th May 2014.

1) Rita Ora - I Will Never Let You Down
2) Mr Probz - Waves (Robin Schulz Remix)
3) John Legend - All Of Me
4) Calvin Harris - Summer
5) Kiesza - Hideaway
6) Paloma Faith - Only Love Can Hurt Like This
7) Sigma - Nobody to Love
8) Michael Jackson - Love Never Felt So Good
9) The Common Linnets - Calm After the Storm
10) Iggy Azalea - Fancy (feat. Charli XCX)
11) Tove Lo - Stay High (Habits Remix) (feat.... [read more]

1st May 2014 04:11pm
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BBC News TOTH Project

Manual BBC New TOTH Project

Ever since being a youngster on the internet, I've always enjoyed playing around with soundboards and especially when the (unofficial) Chris Moyles website came out with a program that assigned various sound effects, jingles and what-not to your keyboard keys, I started getting right into them.

So I thought the other week, why not make one myself? Well I dabbled and thought, I'll make it in Flash, however it would then only work on Desktop computers and also there's always a slight delay in the audio playing... [read more]

27th Apr 2014 08:00pm
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Top 40 UK Chart Singles (27th April 2014)

Below is the list of Top 40 UK Chart Singles announced Sunday 27th April 2014.

1) Mr Probz - Waves (Robin Schulz Remix)
2) Kiesza - Hideaway
3) Sigma - Nobody To Love
4) John Legend - All Of Me
5) Cash Cash - Take Me Home (feat. Bebe Rexha)
6) DJ Cassidy (feat. Robin Thicke & Jessie J) - Calling All Hearts
7) Neon Jungle - Welcome To The Jungle
8) Shift K3Y - Touch
9) Tove Lo - Stay High
10) Pharrell Williams - Happy
11) Iggy Azalea - Fancy (feat. Charli XCX)
12) Aloe Blacc - The... [read more]

27th Apr 2014 03:52am
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I'm Banking In The Future?

How strange. I've just gone and checked my bank account and thought to myself once seeing my recent transactions, "woah, it's not the 28th already is it?!". Thankfully it isn't - as you can see from the calendar and clock below.

Future Banking With Lloyds

It's still the 27th April (well almost 3 hours in at the time of writing this up), however my account thinks it's Monday. :/

Really doesn't help my already f*cked up head with the days.

Oh, message from the future (as I'm supposedly a day ahead), the future sucks. Trust no-one.

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