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25th Sep 2008 09:57pm
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dhGuestbook v1.2.0 Released

I'm a few days late posting this, but the newest version of dhGuestbook has been released. In this version a delete comment option has been added for the administrator. Upgrading is simple (replace 4 lines and add values for 2 lines) and installing it for the first time is really simple!

So if you're looking for a free PHP Guestbook (that uses a MySQL backend) then go and download it now. It's all free and if you need any help with it, then use the contact form and I'll help you. Many people around the... [read more]

3rd Sep 2008 05:17pm
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Addons to Mini Message Board

The Mini Message Board tutorial that I did earlier will get a few addon tutorials in a few days time. I am currently halfway through some small tutorials that allow many different addons to your mini message board.

8th Aug 2008 05:40pm
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PHP Mini Message Board Tutorial

Mini Message Board Tutorial

Many websites like to have a message board / forum on their site, but would prefer their own "product". Well if you like, feel free to follow this tutorial and you'll learn how to create a mini message board in PHP and MySQL.

Database Stuff

Before we start with any of the coding, you will need to go into your phpMyAdmin and (if you haven't already got a 'threads' and 'replies' table) paste this in the SQL box. If you already have a threads and replies table in your database then you will need to change it accordingly to... [read more]
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