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7th Aug 2014 07:37am
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Immunicity Taken Down By UK Police

Immunicity Taken Down By UK Police

Back in September 2013, I posted on here how to Bypass Stupid UK Internet Blocks using a nice simple (free) censorship circumvention tool, which bypasses any restrictions that you may get when on the internet set by your ISP via various proxies, called Immunicity.

However, during the early hours of this morning, it came to my attention (after thinking the service was temporarily down) that as of yesterday (August 6th 2014) the site is no longer accessible, in the most recent round of "dodgy" website culls by the... [read more]

13th Jun 2013 07:00pm
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Film Industry Meltdown

Film Industry Meltdown

I've just been reading this article (Steven Spielberg predicts 'meltdown' of film industry) on the BBC Newsbeat website, where Steven Spielberg and George Lucas say they predict a meltdown of the film industry as it's getting harder to get smaller films in to Hollywood as they're preferring big budget films.

Surely it'd be possible - some way or another - to come up with a "smaller" Hollywood... I don't mean like calling a place "Llywo" (sounds Welshlantic), but have a film industry just on smaller budget films that's as big as Hollywood. Get the... [read more]

6th Jun 2012 09:03am
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Piranha 3DD Review

From now on I will avoid going into a swimming pool, a lake - for a spot of midnight nude swimming, and a bath. Oh and also may I add, I'm glad I've not got a vagina either. Why? Well it's all thanks to the recent 2012 film, Piranha 3DD.

It originally was supposed to be released last year, but for some reason was post-poned until 2012 and was released last month for us here in the UK (11th May) and 1st June for the US. The film starts with two blokes heading out into some waters at night time... [read more]

4th Sep 2008 11:00am
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Movie Voiceover Man

After a long lot of years trying to find out who does the deep voice overs for film trailers - I end up finding out his name after he died. I remember that most of his sayings started with "In a world where" and I always wanted to know who he was... but now I know he is Don LaFontaine. He has voiced (so basically worked on) over 5,000 films!!! Weird ain't it, hat you only know a name after they die. I'd like it if he did either "In a world where everyone is bored, they log onto"... [read more]

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