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28th Jun 2012 04:43pm
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28th June 2012 Storm Reports

What a mad day for the weather! London is basking in sunshine - many people on the social media sites are saying how much they're enjoying sunbatheing - however for the majority of the country "up north" from the Big Smoke have been having a mad day of heavy rain, flash flooding, hail, high winds and tornadoes... and to think it's only the afternoon.

So far there's been reports of a tornado in Newtown Linford and a lot of damage to homes and cars from huge hail across many Midland counties. The storm... [read more]

20th Jun 2012 06:42am
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Gay man branded a Paedophile because he has a Boyfriend and a Camera

A gay man was accused of being a paedophile because he had a boyfriend and a camera.

Now you're probably thinking where on Earth did this take place? Well sadly, it happened in this country, at London's Gatwick Airport by the UK Border Force in the North Terminal.

This man was stopped by the border force officers who believed he "might be involved in paedophilia" because he had a boyfriend and a camera. They then proceeded to search his bag because they believed because he had a boyfriend and a camera, he was one. Then to make things... [read more]

28th May 2012 05:25am
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Greenwich Fire 28th May 2012

In the early hours of Monday 28th May 2012, around 3.30am, residents in South-East London were woken up to what has been described as an air-raid siren. (I do feel sorry for any elderly person that gets woken up by that - I'd personally shit my pants and run for cover with a tin hat and a gun*)

As far as reports are going - considering BBC News haven't even mentioned a single bit about it (let down!!) - there's supposedly a fire in the Greenwich area, with about 70 firefighters currently tackling it. Plenty of pictures and videos have been... [read more]

10th Apr 2009 12:50am
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Britain's Got Talent 2009

Well, I've got the gossip! Saturday's show has been filmed and I've got the gossip about what happens! If you do not wish to know what / who is on, then please look away now (and browse another page on Dale Hay . com) :p

First is the acts from London with Flawless, Manjit Singh - a Leicester Strongman, Flippin Bonkers - a dance troupe (which one had "I heart Amanda") on his chest, Max Beecher - a contortionist, that Piers said was "horrifically compelling", A Cherry On Top who were a can-can acrobatic dance act who Simon thought were "Bloody... [read more]

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