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14th Jun 2012 12:44am
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Steve Allen - Gemma Collins

Well this goes without saying that Steve Allen (from LBC 97.3FM) has made yet another amazing remark about a "celeb" (by using the quotes I do mean a wannabe-celeb). Yes, Gemma Collins is one of the creatures that have spawned from TOWIE (The Only Way Is Essex) and as soon as I heard his comment about her I instantly laughed by arse off!

23rd May 2012 07:02am
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Steve Allen - Cheryl Cole

2 clips from Steve Allen's breakfast show this morning on London's Biggest Conversation (LBC 97.3FM) excellently describing Cheryl Cole, including her cameo appearence in a film and her accent.

23rd May 2012 05:06am
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Steve Allen - Benefits Culture

Audio clip of Steve Allen having a usual moan about Britain's benefits culture.

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