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24th Jan 2014 05:28pm
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Beliebers Are Retards

Beliebers Are Retards

Ok, so as you obviously will have known the little Canadian scrote, Justin Bieber, got arrested the other day for driving under the influence and rightly so. It's a criminal offence. Simple as. Then Miami Police Department released his mugshot for the world to see and the little shit is smiling on it - smug. Now whilst this was all in the news and what not the Twittersphere decided to erupt with various hashtags splashing around and before long, the worldwide trends were mainly dominated by Bieber related trends, like #JustinBieber, DUI, #WeWillAlwaysSupportYouJustin and #FreeBieber.... [read more]

8th Jul 2013 08:00am
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Manday #63 - Justin Bieber

This weeks Manday is the annoying little Canadian scrote, known worldwide as Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber

12th Oct 2012 04:53am
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Justin Bieber Naked Pictures Leaked

Well, well, well... it seems the oh-so sweet and innocent pop singer, Justin Bieber has had a bit of his personal stuff stolen and judging by his Tweets, he wasn't too happy with it. Obviously you'd be annoyed, but guess what, I bet he's more annoyed as there's supposedly rumoured "pictures" of himself on there... not so sweet and innocent now are we Bieber?

I did come across some pictures on a various website, however due to the Terms of Service with Google, I am NOT allowed to post the "picture" to share with you - and as they ARE... [read more]

3rd May 2012 02:13am
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Justin Bieber's Cock

Well it seems I've found something out about Justin Bieber's willy. After spending a random amount of time one day just trawling the blogosphere for random stuff to write (that is my method for some of my older posts - honest) I came across a site (can't remember which one though) which mentioned that Justin Bieber's penis is called, Jerry. Yes, Jerry.

Now there are many reasons why it's called Jerry, however my main two are that it's called Jerry, because either it's small and named after Jerry Mouse (from Tom and Jerry) OR... [read more]

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