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31st Jan 2013 09:31am
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8th February 2013


Now if you remember me saying in my previous post that after that day (24th Jan) I will no longer be 95% human, 5% stainless steel ... well sadly that didn't happen. Yes, the operation got postponed. Again. What made it worse though is that I received the phone call to tell me it'd been cancelled when I was already halfway to the hospital - we had just drove through Coleshill and the phone signal was crap. Though, I do remember a street we passed and I had to take a picture - just for the sheer fact of it... [read more]

1st Dec 2012 03:16pm
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Xmas port scan attack from WAN

Since we've moved to our new address, we've been having nothing but problems with our internet service. We were told that we'd get the same speeds as we did at the old house as soon as we moved into the new house, well as you may have guessed, we didn't. We usually got speeds of 9-10Mbps at the old house and now we're at the new house, we're lucky to get 600Kbps! (Yes, 0.6Mbps!) Which sadly isn't enough to watch anything on YouTube, BBC iPlayer - let alone listen to the radio online either.

Thankfully, TalkTalk are... [read more]

7th Sep 2012 11:18am
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Reason for lack of posting...

Sorry about the lack of posts on here over the past week. The internet at home has been cut so I haven't been able to upload certain things for example, this weeks Manday and also haven't been able to see the charts to update them for you. I will catch up with everything though over the next few days. :) Erm, I think that's all really. :D

6th Jul 2012 06:49pm
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DNSChanger - Internet Doomsday (9th July)

Five years ago a piece of malware called DNSChanger was created by six Estonian's and then distributed online. This trojan redirected internet users to websites filled with paid advertisements, which generated a lot of profit for the creators. What makes this trojan worse though is that it creates a botnet and changes the way your computer talks to a DNS server operated by your ISP, which basically means that once activated properly you will have no internet. Even though the creators of DNSChanger have all been arrested 8 months ago and their services stopped, it is still... [read more]

9th Apr 2012 04:04pm
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Risen Again So COM to ME

Eh, see what I did there... COM to ME (Come To Me) ... ahhh I'm a clever fucker. Anyways, yes, after scouting around frantically for a backup of my database for, I came across an old one and then just had to get all the stories that weren't in it from the Internet Archive. Thank goodness I didn't put a block on it.

So, at the moment some pages will have images missing (I'm still scouting for them) and other than that it's all the same really ... oh shit, yeah one main thing, I couldn't get the .COM back... [read more]

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