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8th Aug 2014 03:16pm
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After UK Police Shutdowns, Hello TOR

My previous post explained about the UK Police's latest crackdown on torrent sites and along with that, they also shut down Immunicity (which was just a normal free censorship tool). So with Immunicity no longer working and also shitloads of proxy websites going offline every week, what's the next best option?

TOR. That's what. TOR stands for The Onion Router - and like a router does, it directs traffic in different ways... with this it directs internet traffic through a volunteer network allowing you to totally avoid any "This page is... [read more]

7th Aug 2014 07:37am
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Immunicity Taken Down By UK Police

Immunicity Taken Down By UK Police

Back in September 2013, I posted on here how to Bypass Stupid UK Internet Blocks using a nice simple (free) censorship circumvention tool, which bypasses any restrictions that you may get when on the internet set by your ISP via various proxies, called Immunicity.

However, during the early hours of this morning, it came to my attention (after thinking the service was temporarily down) that as of yesterday (August 6th 2014) the site is no longer accessible, in the most recent round of "dodgy" website culls by the... [read more]

3rd Sep 2013 08:51pm
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Bypass Stupid UK Internet Blocks

Bypass UK Internet Block

By now you'll notice if you're from the United Kingdom at least, many websites (mainly torrent sites) are blocked by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and soon most adult sites will be blocked too (but at least with the adult block you'll be able to contact your ISP and ask for the block to be lifted), however what happens if you want to actually view torrent sites? Well you could use various proxy sites, but every now and then, they seem to fail or get overloaded. However there is one service that has been set... [read more]

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