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3rd Jun 2013 09:43pm
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Hey Twitter, I Have An Idea

About 25 minutes ago Twitter decided to not work (and still isn't at the time of posting this) - this is more than likely because they're fully applying that update I moaned about earlier throughout the site. Not sure why they need to take this much time as they've surely got test servers to put it on before making it live - luckily for me though, I was able to still use Twitter during these problems because I've obviously made myself a few Twitter-based web apps that process the stuff via Twitter's API (which was thankfully, untouched).

However, I also have... [read more]

13th Apr 2013 11:04am
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Weird dreams...

Damn, it's been a while since I've had such a short sleep, but with the most weirdest dreams ever. Am sure my mind seems to find it enjoyable giving me the weirdest of dreams when I'm sleeping.

The first dream consisted of me being in a slight social media based world, which everytime someone spoke it would appear as a speech bubble above their heads (it had a very Sims style feel to it - and I came into a coffee shop style building and sat down on a seat at the counter next to a black gentleman reading a newspaper,... [read more]

25th Mar 2009 12:43am
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Next Big Thing

Hmmm... why does it always seem so hard to think of a decent idea that can be (easily) done online and take off - like the next Google or YouTube?!

We've all heard the stories, like Google being just a University Project and it being started in a garage. Now a handful of years later and BOOM! It's a name that nobody doesn't know. Same with YouTube too. And that doesn't limit it to just websites, even computer applications... MSN, Skype, Firefox etc.. these are all the big names in the application side of things. But they're all such simple ideas... [read more]

19th Aug 2008 04:58pm
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Creating a new online website idea

So you want to make a website but you don't know what to make it on? Lost for ideas or your idea already taken? Then hopefully my little piece here will help you. Thoughout this piece I will be reffering a lot towards Sound Upload (My most successful venture yet!)

Now, firstly you will need to brainstorm before you get anywhere else. So do your research online and find out what people like and don't like. With Sound Upload I found that people loved YouTube (because they could upload their own videos) and also Lyric websites were a big thing too... [read more]

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