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19th Jun 2014 12:10pm
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Shove Your Unit System Up Your Arse UKCMO

Shove Your Unit System Up Your Arse UKCMO

We've all started to get used to being pretty much told what we can and can't do in the United Kingdom in relation to our own choices during leisure time - from kids in the playground no longer being able to buy chocolate or high-sugar foods from the tuck shop, to being told (even though the Government highly publicised it as an amazing thing a few decades ago) that smoking is bad and should be pretty much outlawed.

However one grumble I have is with alcohol. Now I have a strong stomach... [read more]

15th Dec 2013 08:01am
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Giggling Over Council And NHS Sex Site

So I spent most of the early hours of this morning randomly browsing the internet (as I usually do when I'm feeling tired) and I came across a website called Respect Yourself, ran by Warwickshire County Council's Respect Yourself Campaign Team, NHS Warwickshire. Basically it's a website offering absolutely *loads* of information to people about sexual health.

Now I know, from previous experience, that usually the leaflets you see in the doctors or at sexual health clinics (when you go for your regular check up - which you SHOULD be doing - even if you haven't engaged in any sexual relations... [read more]

1st Feb 2013 12:36am
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February Already

I cannot believe it's February already and we're on our 32nd day into 2013! Thinking about it, we're only 4 days away from being a tenth of the way through the year and what have I done with the start of 2013? Nothing. Was I suppose to? Yes!

I had high hopes and aspirations for 2013. In my head I saw this year - after last years amazing events to turn myself around and stop being the slob that I am, sort myself out, get a job, get stable (not a horse type of stable), look after myself a lot more... [read more]

1st May 2009 04:41pm
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Pectus Excavatum (2)

Well I went to the doctors surgery earlier as it was Open Surgery (so no appointment is needed, just first come, first serve) ... other than having to wait a whole 2 hours to be seen, then once I'd got called in, it only lasted about 5 minutes.

I went in and basically explained to the nurse that I have Pectus Excavatum and that it's recently been starting to give me grief. She asked what stuff is happening and I explained it all to her - about the pains here and there, the discomfort, etc.. etc.. and she then listened to... [read more]

1st May 2009 12:51am
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Pectus Excavatum

For the past few months my chest has started playing up. Not just a tiny bit, but about 5-6 times a week. The things that keep happening are quick sharp shooting pains (that feel like a fencing sword being stabbed into me) around the pectal area, sharp pain when breathing, lack of breathing, pain in the front of a shoulder with very a painful squeeze feeling after breathing in and also I cannot laugh while lying down as the whole of my heart area feels like it's clenching. Oh and also a horrid "pushed down" feeling in the middle of... [read more]

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