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17th Dec 2008 12:07am
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R.I.P Sound Upload

Oh my goodness... Sound Upload has been 100% removed by my (other) host. All 50,000+ files, 40,000+ lyrics, etc... all gone. eek!! Google payments will stop... TLA and TNX will too... shite, shite, shite!!

I've just got the message a few minutes ago... oh my goodness... bye Sound Upload.

15th Nov 2008 05:27pm
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No on 8!

Well even though it isn't my country and doesn't effect me in any way, shape or form, I am suprised about the outcome of the Californian vote on Prop 8. If you're unsure what Prop 8 is, it's basically a legal thing that basically makes California only recognise and perform male and female marriages and not same sex couples. As you can see to the left of this text, that is the flyer they're using... "Restoring Marriage and Protecting California Children". Firstly how can you restore something that isn't broken... California legalised same-sex... [read more]

12th Oct 2008 06:17pm
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Not good...

Hmmm... I have just found out that Google has updated everyones page rank and I am not too happy with this update as Sound Upload has gone from a PR4 to a PR2 and also the other thousands of pages that had a rank from between PR1 and PR3 have all been made PR0. I'm hoping the drop is just temporary and everything will go back up afterwards. Hopefully!

17th Sep 2008 10:21pm
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Simply Put. Wankers.

For some reason someone who has an email account ending in has hijacked and taken over my email account. Blocking my access to it and now I cannot even reset the password because this dickhead has changed the backup email address. So please do not contact me through the contact form or send an email to me as I cannot read or reply to it.

I am trying my hardest to go through everything linked with my email address (PayPal,, Sound Upload, TLA, TNX, etc...)

Update: Also my Servage hosting account (that holds Sound Upload) has been hijacked... [read more]

12th Sep 2008 06:12pm
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Techno Queen

The Queen's MySpace

The Queen is know to be in-with-technology as she regularly sends text messages on her mobile phone and listens to music on her iPod and even has her own YouTube account (setup by Google). However next month she is due to goto Google's Headquarters and meet the team as she has now became hooked on the internet. The Sun newspaper has got a brilliant mock up of what her "MySpace" page would look like if she set one up.

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