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3rd Jun 2009 11:38am
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Street View

Wicked! I've just had the Google Street View vehicle go past outside the house - luckily I was pre-warned so I went outside on the drive and it passed me. Woohoo... I'm gonna be on Street View (obviously blurred though)

17th May 2009 10:37am
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An Update

I suppose it's time I did an update. Well where to start first... hmm... well I ended up getting a letter from the doctors the other day stating that the nurse practioner that had seen me before about my chest has been "trying to contact me" ... like bollocks has she. Anyways, she wants me to go for a "reversibility testing" thing... not sure what it is - though I have done a good old? Google search on it and I think it's something to do with breath tests or something like that to see if my lungs are fine,... [read more]

1st Apr 2009 02:40am
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Google April Fools 2009

Well April Fools has started and Google has already started a few off already.

YouTube New Viewing Experience
Stupid and useless, but still funny.
? YouTube New Viewing Experience

Street View Panda
When on Google Street View, in the bottom right hand corner the yellow man is now a Panda.
? Google Maps

An Australian Football with a built-in GPS system that costs $10 (AUD)
? Google: gBall

I'll update this with anymore that they do when they're discovered.

25th Mar 2009 12:43am
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Next Big Thing

Hmmm... why does it always seem so hard to think of a decent idea that can be (easily) done online and take off - like the next Google or YouTube?!

We've all heard the stories, like Google being just a University Project and it being started in a garage. Now a handful of years later and BOOM! It's a name that nobody doesn't know. Same with YouTube too. And that doesn't limit it to just websites, even computer applications... MSN, Skype, Firefox etc.. these are all the big names in the application side of things. But they're all such simple ideas... [read more]

23rd Mar 2009 11:49pm
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Ever sent an email and you've noticed that it was really bad and you wish you never sent it? Well the answer is here!

A clever Tokyo Google engineer named Yuzo Fujishima has come up with an option that you can enable within your Gmail account that allows you to "Undo" the sending of an email - just incase you've accidentally sent it with a subject line like "Your Momma Sucks!" just as a joke and then accidentally hit the Send button.

The way it works is simple... when enabled, every email you send through your Gmail account (I don't think this... [read more]

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