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11th Apr 2012 10:42am
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What's Happend So Far

Well the last proper post on here was all the way back in January last year, so I would've had my bar in for just 5 months. So what's happened with me? Well I was working at the local boozer (The White Horse) up until January this year - which I enjoyed massively! It was hecktic and sometimes very repetitive, but alongside that I had some great laughs (along with a few tragedies too - one downside to elderly regulars). I don't think I'll find a job as fun as that in a long while! However one down of working... [read more]

26th Sep 2008 04:36pm
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Dog Singing

So, I was on YouTube and typed in "dog barking", just to see how the dogs here react. A clip came up with a squeaky toy and the dogs shot up and ran to my laptop sniffing it. So I thought "ok, how about another clip". I ended up coming across this clip of a lad playing the piano and his dog singing.

Now, I've watched the clip 5 times now and I still cannot stop laughing when the dog starts "singing". Take a... [read more]

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