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30th Jun 2015 02:52am
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One minute's silence on Friday

One minute's silence on Friday

Due to the recent events in Tunisia, our Prime Minister David Cameron has annouced that on Friday (3rd July) the country (UK) will fall silent for one minute to remember the victims of the Tunisian beach attack that happened on Friday 26th July.

Now whenever there's some sort of silence, I expect people to do it - all in all it's just a few minutes throughout the year that's taken by it. And by "doing the silence", I do actually mean DO THE SILENCE. No talking. No phone calling (unless obviously it's to the emergency... [read more]

16th Nov 2013 04:29pm
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Maximum Execution Time in Phirehose

Maximum Execution Time

I was working on some PHP stuff last night and decided to use the Phirehose library and when running one of the scripts, I kept getting this error:

Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in C:\php\libs\phirehose\Phirehose.php on line 587

Now it obviously doesn't take a genius to understand the meaning of the error, for those that don't understand, basically in the settings of my PHP setup I have told it that if any script takes more than 30 seconds to complete, then time out... and that's basically what's happened here. So how do I... [read more]

20th Aug 2012 10:06am
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Goonzu Installation Error: No setup file Fix

It seems that the game I've been playing for years, Luminary: Rise of the Goonzu has suddenly fell quiet the past two weeks. Basically a new patch was released and it seemed to have fluffed up everyones game - now a lot of people were suggesting re-downloading the game (which does come in at a hefty 1.2gb), so I avoided doing that as the game comes from foreign servers and they ain't the fastest in the world.

However upon the game trying to get the latest patch, you'll end up with a "Installation Error: No setup file" box coming... [read more]

2nd Jan 2010 05:35am
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2000-2009: A Round-up

Well now as we're in the "10's" now, I'd like to do a round-up on a decade that I can throughly remember. This past decade (The Noughties) has been a mainly technological age for us all, plus also has had some very disasterous outcomes too. So lets start with the beginning of the decade and the celebrations of the new Millenium.


With the roll-out of broadband to pretty much anyone and everyone during the turn of the Millenium, the internet started to become the main hub for different types of media (i.e; music, movies, tv programs), mainly this was an illegal... [read more]

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