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15th Mar 2009 05:06pm
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North Warwickshire Local Election Results

The results for the North Warwickshire (Atherstone Central) Local Election Results are as follows...

Candidate: Neil Adrian David Dirveiks
Votes: 320

Candidate: Gillian Doris Davis
Votes: 221

British National Party
Candidate: Matthew Mason
Votes: 186

Candidate: Raymond John Jarvis
Votes: 136

3 ballot papers were rejected due to "voting for more Candidates than voter was entitled to".

? Source: North Warwickshire Borough Council

1st Oct 2008 12:37pm
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Xmas 2008Xmas 2008
Pinch, Punch... First of the Month! Well it's almost nearing the end of the year and not long till Christmas either. Though talking of Christmas, on the 24th September I ended up taking these two pictures from the local newsagents. Yes... Christmas stuff... the signs are all up and surprisingly they're up before Woolworths. I'm going to add a timer to Christmas too so everyone can know when it is. He he.

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