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24th Feb 2015 09:01pm
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Through The Dragon's Eye

Through The Dragon's Eye

If someone asked me to name one thing I remember from first school, it would have to be a TV programme we all had to gather for, sit on the cold varnished floor - with legs crossed too, called Through The Dragon's Eye.

It was part of BBC Two's "Look and Read" educational type of programmes, and this one was the best of the bunch. It starts with three kids (Amanda, Jenny and Scott) who have painted onto a wall in their school playground a scenic landscape and a dragon. As soon as Jenny adds... [read more]

23rd Apr 2009 01:46pm
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St.George's Day

Well the day is here where we English celebrate the legend of St. George and that dragon. So go out, get bladdered and be merry and don't stop celebrating because other faiths, religions or other peoples ways of thinking offends them!! Be proud of your country. Also the weather is lovely today too, which is good. :-)