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24th Oct 2018 05:41pm
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Rehab Detox Day 12

Well, Friday, it did not start the best. I woke up four times during the night pissing myself (not laughing, but urinating), so I am glad I still have enough adult nappies to hand. So due to the interrupted sleep, I did end up accidentally missing the morning meeting by 15 minutes.

After breakfast we headed to the Centre to start the day with a P&D session - what a session to start the day on. As usual, it was very deep and as it was to be my last one, I opened up even... [read more]

24th Oct 2018 05:40pm
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Rehab Detox Day 11


Well, thank goodness for these adult nappies, I woke up having had an accident at a daft time in the morning, was not sure what the actual time was because it was pitch black and I did not wish to wake the other person in my room by turning the light on to check the clock).

First group of the day was 'Change of Objectives' (we're set certain goals to do the previous week, and should try to fulfil them - I did all but one of mine). This is a group that a majority... [read more]

24th Oct 2018 05:39pm
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Rehab Detox Day 10

Another day waking up sober and without any withdrawal symptoms, no problems sleeping and feeling really greatful of the chance I have been given to make myself so much better.

It is Wednesday, so i will be calling The Mother later on. There is still a lot of uncertainty regarding the whole move malarkey and also what happens when I leave, some things are in place but not really set in stone. I think we're just going with the scenario that I will be in Weston-super-Mare, so a day programme will be what I will... [read more]

24th Oct 2018 12:30pm
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Rehab Detox Day 9

7am trying to lift myself out of bed, well that was a mission in itself. My ribs (left side) were a 7/10 on the painscale, so I decided to roll out of bed instead. It was the only way I could get up for the morning meeting at 7:30am.

Had the morning meeting and breakfast along with meds, I did mention about the pain to the staff. They advised me that I see the doctor, so we went to the Centre and had a visit from a gentleman that spoke to us that came from... [read more]

24th Oct 2018 12:28pm
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Rehab Detox Day 8

Monday morning - a whole week of being sober! Who the fudge would have thought I would ever do that!

How do I feel, you may ask? Well, extremely pleased with myself and I feel weirdly different. I am eating properly and have made a great circle of friends. So all in all is going great.

Now it is one week into my detox programme that now means I can get a phone card to call The Mother, which I will be doing later on. I will no doubt get emotional over hearing her voice for... [read more]

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