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9th Dec 2014 03:00pm
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Project: UK METAR Weather Overview

If you're someone who knows me well enough, you'd know I have an interest with the weather (and to some extent other natural disasters too), so yesterday I got bored and usually when I get bored random ideas pop into my head, and one did so, of which I think would be of use to a majority of the online UK WX scene. Ok, so maybe not so at this time of year, but definitely during the year it may be quite handy.

The main reason this idea popped into my head, was because earlier this year when various storms were... [read more]

6th Dec 2012 03:35pm
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Trialling New Method of Signing On (JSA)

Job Centre PlusWell it seems over the past month or so, the Job Centre seems to have changed a lot of things for people on Job Seekers Allowance (JSA), like adding more possible sanctions if you fail to attend ANYTHING your Job Centre advisor tells you that you have to do (i.e; find and apply for 'x' amount of suitable jobs a week, attend interviews, attend full time work experience for no extra money, etc...), then they decided to get Monster to revamp the Job... [read more]

9th Apr 2012 04:04pm
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Risen Again So COM to ME

Eh, see what I did there... COM to ME (Come To Me) ... ahhh I'm a clever fucker. Anyways, yes, after scouting around frantically for a backup of my database for, I came across an old one and then just had to get all the stories that weren't in it from the Internet Archive. Thank goodness I didn't put a block on it.

So, at the moment some pages will have images missing (I'm still scouting for them) and other than that it's all the same really ... oh shit, yeah one main thing, I couldn't get the .COM back... [read more]

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