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21st Sep 2012 11:48pm
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Huge Meteor / Fireball Seen Across UK

It seems a nice huge meteor has recently been seen all over the UK.

Huge Meteor / Fireball Seen Across UK
(Source: @huneh)

Just been looking through my tweets on Twitter about 20 minutes ago and came across people mentioning about a random meteorite in the sky. Obviously loads get witnessed everyday, but this one was supposedly huge! One person I follow did post a picture he took of it, but I can't find the god-damn tweet...

Also reports of it being seen have came in from all over the United Kingdom with people asking if it was a... [read more]

30th Mar 2010 10:59pm
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Hotpoint WIXXE127 on Twitter Trends

Well it still seems that Hotpoint WIXXE127 is the hottest trend on Twitter at the moment... and along with the thousands of other people and other blogs, I have no idea why either... until I've now came across that I think it's because of a ?70-off discount code that's for the Hotpoint WIXXE127 Washing Machine at Comet.

The code is valid until tomorrow (31st March 2010) and is: WIXXE250

So now the problem is solved... lets hope a better and more productive trend will top the chart tomorrow.

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