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19th Jun 2013 02:31am
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Trying To Remember An Old Game

Ok, so earlier on I was talking to my mate and randomly during the conversation I brought up a memory from when I was at school and the fact that I cannot for the life of me remember what the name of a game I used to play was called.

At first, I was unsure on even the make of computer - although I know it wasn't an Apple based OS nor a Windows based OS. He mentioned RM Nimbus and when I did a quick Google Image search, the logo looked very familiar, however later on in the evening, I... [read more]

25th May 2013 07:23pm
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Oracle 1Z1-028 Certification Exam

The Oracle 1Z1-028 (Database Cloud Administration Certification Beta) is a beta exam, and you should think about whether this is the right choice for your individual needs. They are quite difference from what the final exam will be because their purpose is to determine which questions will be used on the final exam. You are actively encouraged to offer comments on questions, but you should know that you should do that at the end of the test, since there are more questions on beta exams and you will not have as much time to answer them.

The good news is beta... [read more]

30th Mar 2013 01:05pm
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Everyone loves a good freebie and I -as anyone else would- decided to grab a fair few freebies whilst bored the other day. Pretty much all the freebies have arrived, which I did actually forget about one of them until it arrived this morning. Well I've ended up getting:

3 Free Teabags from The Redbush Tea Company

The Redbush Tea Company

Original, Citrus (infused with natural orange and lemon) and Chai (blended with pure fennel and cardamom). All these are also naturally caffeine free.

2 Free Teabags from Twinings


These arrived in a nice funky "tear to open, then... [read more]

3rd Feb 2013 05:18am
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Dale's Ad Break (Episode 1: January)

Good morning everyone. I was bored the other day and got an idea when watching Sky TV at stupid-o'clock in the morning to film myself introducing adverts - I think the program's called Commercial Breakdown. Simple idea and not really much is needed. However A) I can't present to save shit and B) My camera is a cheap 640*480 VGA thing, so the quality of me is awful. I was due to get a decent camcorder before Xmas but it seems Argos doesn't seem to stock it in any of it's local stores within a 10-15 mile range... so I... [read more]

17th Dec 2012 03:12pm
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The End Of The World Compilation CD

The End Of The World Compilation

Whether you believe the world is due to end on 21st December 2012 or not, it's another excuse to have a bit of fun (what with pubs having "End of the World Sales" etc...). So to join in with this fun, I've made a nice little "mock" CD compilation for the end of the world - I should've called it "Now That's What I Call The End Of The World", but I don't want a shit load of lawyer standing outside my house... [read more]

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