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18th Oct 2015 08:53pm
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I Confused The Chris Moyles Show

Radio X

If you've been listening to The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X (formerly XFM) last week you would've heard that they had a competition on there where you could go and see Stereophonics play live. To win this competition all you had to do is be the lucky caller that they selected and also guess what Stereophonics song Welsh singer Aled Jones was covering of theirs - but in Welsh. They chose to use Aled Jones as the group themselves are Welsh... so it fits, obviously.

However the competition this week changes and I sent a tweet... [read more]

29th Oct 2008 11:14pm
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Russell Brand Quits, Jonathan Ross Next?

Wow. Talk about things being blown out of proportion!

Ok, I hate Russell Brand and can't understand Jonathan Ross however I think this recent "prank call" incident has just gone off the rails a bit. Ok, so what? They did 4 prank calls to Andrew Sachs... with Jonathan Ross saying Russell Brand has slept with his grand-daughter. To be honest, I'd find that more amusing than anything else... not because the fact I ain't got a grand-daughter... but just for the sheer comedy behind it. However Andrew Sachs' Grand-daughter, named Georgina Baillie - yes, I don't know who to hell she... [read more]

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